Do You Have Talent?


John Maxwell states in his book “Beyond Talent” that you need to become someone who gets extraordinary results.

Dr. Maxwell has discovered 13 key choices that can be made by anyone to maximize their talent.

1. Belief, lifts your talent.

2. Passion, energizes your talent.

3. Initiative, activates your talent.

4. Focus, directs your talent.

5. Preparation, positions your talent.

6. Practice, sharpens your talent.

7. Perseverance, sustains your talent.

8. Courage, tests your talent.

9. Teachability, expands your talent.

10. Character, protects your talent.

11. Relationships, influence your talent.

12. Responsibility, strengthens your talent.

13. Teamwork, multiplies your talent.

Making the choices above can cause you to become a “talent plus” person. You need to make sure that you stand out in a way that others will notice you in a real, and positive way.

People can identify a “fake” very quickly. Make sure that you are always seeking to improve yourself in a way that you believe is 100%, true and honest.

If you love what you are doing, then you can do it! Take pride, integrity, and up hold your ethical standards high and you will not go wrong.

Move ahead because time is ticking by and there is no time like the present to achieve the goals that you are seeking.

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