Do You Need Change?

“Always continue to strive to better your service to your customers, you will not regret it.” ~T.C. Totaro

 When it comes to good management practice and change in the work place there is an abundance of articles and books that will give you great information on how to implement changes successfully.

But what if your place of business is doing things that have been very successful with your product, customers or vendors, should you still look for ways to change?

There is something to be said when you find what works and continue to duplicate it producing the same successful result, that you should not to mess with it.  A good example of that would be customer service.  If you have happy, satisfied customers you must be doing something right, understand what that is and continue it.

Remember that people are creatures of habit and do not take change lightly. If you have found what works with your customers, you may not want to change it.  That doesn’t mean that you cannot try to improve on your service, but in doing so you might want to ask your customers what they might like, since they like what you do already.

Good customers are more than happy to give you some insight into additional ways that you could serve them that would be helpful and appreciated.

Many times business owners either hear or read about a company that has some great philosophy or culture that has caused them to be super successful and they think if they duplicate what this company has done they will have the same results.

This is not true, as no two companies are the same, even if they produce the same product or give the same service.  Why?  Because the people who make up the company are totally different.

Take Southwest Airlines for example (their story is great), many airlines have tried to duplicate Southwest’s success only to fail because it is the people of the Southwest company that make the difference and you cannot duplicate those people.

If you want to move your company forward find out what it is that you are doing right and what could be you doing better and implement it.  Ask you customers for their insight as they know what they are looking for and if you can deliver it you will be even more successful to those you serve.

The Southwest Success Factor

Southwest picture via google images


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