Do You Really Want To Hear From Your Employees?

Employers, supervisors, and managers tell their staff that they want to hear from them and will tell them that their “door is always open.”  But when they do show up how do you act?

As many times as I have told my staff, “Please come talk to me about anything anytime” that when they do come to talk to me, I may not always be delighted.  Most often it is because I am in the middle of doing something and my mind is fixed on whatever the task at hand is.  If I do not respond how they were expecting it might start the conversation off the wrong way, not as the employee intended and this has happened.

So, in our office we have established an “unwritten policy” among us that when we need to speak to someone about a problem, a question or some help, as we approach them, we ask, “Is this a good time to talk to you?”  Or, “When you have a few minutes can I talk to you?”

We have found that this has made our conversations much better as both parties are ready to listen and communicate with each other.

If there is a matter of urgency, we understand that this policy does not apply.

Since establishing this “policy” I have found that my conversations with staff personnel are so much more productive and thought through as I am ready to really hear what they have to say and know that I have the time to engage with them to discuss their need, care, or idea.  They have found this just as beneficial as they no longer feel like they are interrupting me or that I am in a hurry.

I hope you have a fantastic week at work!

Tina 🙂

P.S. Here is the link to my e-booklet on “Becoming a Great Employee”

Becoming a Great Employee

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