Does Your Business Have Problems To Solve?

No matter what business you are in all business owners and managers want their workplace run more efficiently and more profitably.   We usually expect problems and hope to avoid them in one way or another, but what if instead of just expecting problems to “Pop” up you gather your team and look for problems to solve.

Have a meeting with your team and ask them to put on their thinking caps on, take a look at current systems and protocols and figure out what areas can be improved upon.  Most likely your team already has a few problems on their list that they would like solved.

For example, you work in a doctor’s office and patients want to get appointments sooner, but it seems that your schedule is always full for a couple of weeks out. Is there a way that you could add a few more patients a day and still give quality care?  Is there a better way to set up the patient schedule?

Have each member of the team answer the following questions about any workplace problem that you want to improve upon, you may find a “golden nugget” in one of the solutions.

These are the questions each team member needs to address to the issue that you would like to improve on.

1. What is the exact problem as you see it?

2. What is the cause of the problem?

3. What are the possible solutions to the problem?

4. These are my solutions to solve the problem:

Present the issue and then allow all staff members time, maybe a few days or so, to answer the questions and come up with possible solutions.

You will be amazed at the different ideas that everyone will present and the what is wonderful is that you will have several to try to see what actually will work for your issue.

Many times, what happens is that as each person states their solution, others will chime in, giving input which creates synergy within the group. It is almost a tipping point and together new ideas spring up from the collaboration of the group as a whole. It is exciting and rewarding for all who participate.

When you have collaboration within the work group to solve issues it is like mortar, and the team begins to bond and become stronger, which creates a better work environment for all.

Whether you have actual problems to solve or would like to strike a match under your team to move them forward, have a meeting to look for things that you might be able to do that would make your business better for your customers and for all those who work there and then be willing to try some of the ideas.

“None of us is as smart as all of us!” ~ Kenneth Blanchard

Keep moving forward,


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