Don’t Fear Failure

Several months ago I came upon this great book by author Ralph Heath. I believe this is one book that should be in every manager’s, supervisor’s or leader’s library.

We often hear the saying, “there is no room for failure.” However, we learn so much by our failures.

Teams are strengthened by failures. They cause them to rethink and search for new possibilities and solutions to their questions.

Failure does not mean “it is over,” is means “try again.” Just look how many times it took Ben Franklin to create the light bulb. He tried hundreds, possibly thousands of times. He did not see these attempts as failure; he saw them as stepping-stones to figure out what would work.

We will always have failures. This little book gives light on a different way to look at them, which is in a positive way.

Take a look at the reviews. I think you will want to read and keep this book in your library as a reference.

Time Magazine ReviewOctober 19, 2009 – When you’re just about to blow your top over a screw-up, take this smart book off the shelf. Failure has a lot to teach, and Heath tells business leaders to use it creatively. “Find something positive to acknowledge and celebrate…The truth is, the people who fail are the very same people who succeed.” Talk openly about an employee’s mistake and what lessons have been learned, he counsels, then move on. That goes for your blunders too, boss. “This might scare the crap out of you before you do it, but afterward you will feel a great sense of freedom.”