Approximately 90% of people who use e-mail at work use it for business communication.  Since you cannot be there when the e-mail you sent is opened, you need to make sure that the message is very clear to the recipient.  I am sure you have received an e-mail and wonder what the person is trying to say.

There are a couple of good rules to follow when writing business e-mails, first make sure you read through what you have written a couple of times.  Check spelling,  is it too wordy,  are your points clear and  have you been polite?  Sometimes when I open an e-mail it is overwhelming, there are so many questions, points and sentences run together.  It takes reading it over several times to figure out what is being asked of me, or what they want me to know.

If you need to ask multiple questions or make multiple points then tell the person at the beginning that is what you are doing.  Then number them to make it clearer to understand.  Do not use all capitals, which makes it seem like you may be yelling.  And watch that you do not let a few “slang” shorthand words slip in like “Ur” or “Ru” 🙂 or any other.  Your business contact may not “lol” over it.

Finally remember once you hit the send button it is gone, there is no retrieving it.  Take time to review so you are confident that your recipient will receive a well written e-mail from you.