Handling discipline of employees can become a complicated issue if protocols and policies are not in place. Having a progressive discipline policy that all employees have read and that the standards are upheld will make the workplace run smoother as each employee knows what the rules are.

The ramifications of not dealing with employee discipline issues are endless. The article below gives examples that can be used to set up a progressive discipline policy in the workplace.

Please feel free to share any ideas or policies that you have that might help others in developing their discipline policy manual.

It’s 8:00 a.m., and Sally is late again; this has got to stop! You’ve told her that she needs to be on time and that everyone is depending on her, but here she is, late again. Sally really is a good employee, she is friendly to the patients and does seem to get her job duties done most of the time, but she is late to work at least 2-3 times a week. After the last time you spoke to her she did well for about three weeks and then it started all over again. What should you do now?

Sound familiar? How do you handle these types of issues in the office? If they are ignored they can cause multiple other issues, such as resentment, anger or apathy from other employees that are upholding the policies. In conversations with employers they have expressed the frustration they have with situations such as this. Many times they would rather have the employee be chronically late or put up with other issues than to let them go and have them collect unemployment on their account. But does that solve the problem?

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