Employee Recognition, Are there Better Ways?

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How many articles or books have you read about employee recognition?  As a manager, supervisor, or business owner we know the benefits of recognizing an employee when they go above and beyond the call of duty.

Recognition makes people feel valued and when it comes right down to it that feeling is worth more than any gift.  But, a gift is nice to receive every now and then.

What often happens is managers or employers will have “standard gifts” for anyone caught doing good such as;  Sally smoothed over an upset customer and she received a $10 dollar Starbucks card.  Bill made an “up-sale” and received a $10 Starbucks card.

Reward cards are great, but if everyone receives the same card no matter what they do, it could get old, even though they appreciate it.  So why not surprise your staff members?

When you give tangible rewards, make those rewards specific to the person or to the accomplishment that is being celebrated.  For example Sara was faced with a customer that was angry because the product she purchased did not work as promised.  Sara, not only apologized to the customer, but went up and beyond by finding and demonstrating a product that would meet the customer’s needs and then did an even exchange for the old product, which saved the customer money.

The customer was so happy that she bought three more of the item for family members. Sara was a hero to the customer, and the company earned the loyalty of this customer because of Sara’s actions.

Sara’s boss knows how much Sara likes getting her nails done so he purchased a certificate at her favorite nail salon and presented it to her as a gift of recognition for her actions in excellent customer service.

Each of our employees is unique and as managers or business owners we need to challenge ourselves to come up with specific ideas and ways to reward and acknowledge them differently when we feel that they have earned something extra for the “up and beyond.”

The difference in the rewards (because we have made them personal) will make a huge difference in how they respond to our appreciation for their service to the business.

What ideas can you come up with that are different and unique?  Please share them with us.


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