If you are an office manager or in a management position, you might want to check out the Management Leadership blog by Joel Quass (see link below). The blog has excellent articles,  management tips and pearls that you can put to use right away in your business or practice.

Recently Joel posted an article title “What’s a good manager worth” which caused me to take a good look at myself, my management skills and style.

Joel makes the statement: “Simply put, you can get more out of your better workers when they are led by a better boss. Better bosses teach. Better bosses inspire.”

Wow, am I helping my staff or am I hindering my staff?  Are they more or less productive because of me, their manager?

I know that my management style is based on being transparent and open with my staff members while always trying to bring out the best in them, but am I doing the best that I can?

I came up with three questions that have posted in a place that I see it each day before I go to work.  They are to remind me that I have been given an awesome responsibility to accomplish each day at work with those that my boss has entrusted me with.  His employees are his most valuable assets and I need to serve them to the best of my abilities.

1. What has been my greatest contribution over the last week to my staff and  employer?

2. What is it that I can do to help them do their best work and be successful?

3. If asked how would my staff and employer rate my management skills and abilities on a scale of 1-10?

These are great questions and there are days when I know that I have not reached the high mark on the scale.  Just asking them  makes me have to examine my management and leadership abilities and keep myself in check with the standards that I have set to uphold.

This self-examination is necessary to do in order not to fall below what is expected of me from those I work for and work with.

I would appreciate hearing any questions that you might think would be good for self-examination when we want to look at how we are doing in our positions at work.  Take a look at Joel’s blog you will appreciate the great information that you will find there.

Joel Quass Management Blog