As a consultant I get the wonderful opportunity to speak at conferences in Maui.  I remember arriving at one of our hotels a few years back, where we took a walk by the seashore. Looking at the scene before me, I could not believe how it made me physically feel. (See picture above)

As I watched the ocean flow in and out, the sound of the waves gently crashing on the rocks caused calmness within me. It was wonderful to just stand there and take the beauty and wonder of the view in.

Far too often we forget to stop and take in the sights of our surroundings, even for a moment. When was the last time you really looked at a flower or a meadow, even a skyscraper or old building in all of their architectural wonder?

When we take time to notice our surroundings and let their beauty and wonderment fill our mind it causes us to have great appreciation for today and where we are.  We gain a new perspective.

I encourage you to take the time today to appreciate something you see and not take it for granted.

Happy Monday!