At the conference I lectured at last weekend, I had the opportunity to team up with two other lecturers and give a presentation titled “How to get a raise out of your employer.”  The attendees were very excited when we began, as they thought we were going to give them sure solutions on getting a monetary raise.

The lecture did touch on increasing income, but in a different way than the attendees expected.  The foundation of the lecture was becoming a great employee and looking for ways to make your employer’s business increase its bottom line.

So often employees are looking for raises because they think they deserve one, and I am not saying that they do not.  But in the economic times that we are in, many employers cannot give raises because the bottom line has remained the same or has gone down.

If employees really like their job and would like to get a raise, then how about increasing the income that is coming into the business as a way to get your employer’s attention?

If you can find ways to cut expenses, increase services, or sell more products, you can make a financial difference to your employer.  This certainly will get a raise out of them, even if it is just their eyebrows.

Get together with co-workers to brainstorm ideas on what you could possibly do and then take the ideas to your employer.  I doubt there is any employer that would not want to discuss how to raise the bottom line of their business.

Ask your employer about setting goals and possible incentives for employees for bringing in more revenue.  A smart employer would jump at the opportunity to listen to ideas on increasing revenue and also sharing the profits.

As the attendees began to realize that it was up to them to get a “raise” out of their employer, they started coming up with ideas on what they could do to increase overall revenue.  Here are a few ideas that they came up with during the session:

1. Provide great customer service and ask clients to refer their friends and family to the business.

2. Become more vocal when out around the community about where you work and the services that are provided.  Employees should always carry business cards with them to give out to potential customers.

3. Come up with sales promotions for products and services that are provided to existing customers.

4. Assign a co-worker to do some outside marketing to potential businesses that would send customers to the business.

5. Set up social media sites for the business and be active on them daily to bring potential customers to the business.

As we all know, times are tough for all businesses.  If employees take the “bull by the horns” and market their employer’s business,  you will surely get a raise out of them!

What ideas do you have to share about increasing your employers bottom line?