For some people getting to work on time is a struggle.  There are many reasons for this and only the person who has a hard time knows their personal battle with tardiness.

Being chronically late whether it is 3-5 minutes or possibly 10, has a negative reaction not only on your supervisor and/or boss, but your co-workers who arrive on time everyday (your being chronically late probably upsets your co-workers more than you realize).

Who would you give the gold metal to for attendance the person who arrives 5-10 minutes early to make sure they are ready to start when the doors open or the person who is running in the back door when the bell rings or a few minutes after?

You may not think being a couple of minutes late makes a big difference but it does, not only to those you work for and with, but also to you.  How?  Getting to work a little early allows you time to prepare for the day, by giving you those extra few minutes to mentally prepare for whatever will be coming your way.

Where by running in the back door as the clock strikes 8, you are not prepared to begin your job at 8, you are sliding in as work has already begun.

Preparing for work the night before can help you get this head start.  Many people set their alarm clock ahead 15-30 minutes to make sure they have plenty of time to get up and get ready and out the door in plenty of time to arrive to work a few minutes early.  It also will help to set a goal time that you need to be on the road.

By leaving a bit early you feel much better, it gives you time to think, enjoy your ride to work and not be rushed. Being rushed is no way to start your day and it is stressful.

By arriving a bit early and being ready to begin your work on time it shows your employer/supervisor that your job matters to you and you want to do your best.  Remember it is the early bird that catches the worm!

For more tips on getting to work on time see the link below.

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