I first want to thank Tina and Jesus for the video review of The Supermanager.  I really enjoyed watching it.  And I really appreciate all of the kind words and support for the book.

After I watched the video review, I started thinking about why good management practices are so important.  And the reason is that they have such a huge impact on so many people’s lives.

Most people spend a large percentage of their lives working.  A person working 40 hours per week with a few weeks off per year will work about 2000 hours per year.  Most people spend more time working than doing anything else except sleeping.

And the relationship that employees have with their manager is typically a very big part of how satisfied they are with their job.  When an employee has a great relationship with their manager, they are much more likely to enjoy their job.  On the other hand, an employee who has an unpleasant relationship with their manager is likely to dread coming to work every day.  This unhappiness can spread to the employee’s family, because people often take negativity at work home with them.

Managers can also struggle when they don’t utilize good management practices.  Low employee morale, motivation, and productivity usually translates to a lot more work and stress for the manager.  These difficulties at work will also likely spread to their home life.

Furthermore, customers are affected by whether or not managers of a business implement good management practices.  A product or service can go up or down in quality depending on the management practices that are utilized.

In addition, the owners of a business are influenced by the management practices that are utilized.  Businesses that thrive under good management can end up closing if they are no longer managed well.  I think the employees that are hired and how they are managed is usually a very big part of whether a business succeeds or not.

Good management practices can make people’s lives so much better, so I hope more and more managers put them into practice.

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