Handling When You Are Misunderstood

In a recent conversation I found out that I had been misunderstood on an issue at work.  I am not sure how this happened, but I will try to find out, as misunderstandings can cause unforeseen issues in the future.

I am always surprised when I find that I have been misunderstood.  I guess that is because I really try to make myself clear and think I am doing a good job of it, only to find out that apparently I did not.
Some people can brush a misunderstanding under the carpet, especially if they feel that it is not a big deal.  I have to admit that this is not me.  I have to go to the person(s) and explain what I meant and make sure that they understand what I originally had intended and that the misunderstanding no longer exists.
There have been times that I have stayed awake all night over a supposed misunderstanding only to find out that one did not exist.  I guess I am a clear communication freak and always want to be understood.

At times after speaking to someone,  I later wondered if they understood what I meant.  I will call them just to make sure they understood so I could let the thought go of having a misunderstanding.
I guess I could have worse habits or quirks, but clear communication is one of my little obsessions.
How do you handle when you have been misunderstood or think you might have been?

Repair Misunderstandings

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