Far too often in small businesses employees are thrown into positions which they have not been trained to do.  They often are the next person in line who has been there the longest, so they are promoted.

The big problem is that they do not know how to do the job correctly.  I have had the opportunity to talk to many office managers of small businesses or practices and can say that 90+% of the time they will tell you that they had no formal training before they stepped into the position.

The difficult part is not that the new manager does not fully understand what to do, it is the business owners that promoted them think that they do understand how to manage and that they should do an excellent job.

Business owners will pile extra duties on the new manager expecting they will be able to tackle the job successfully.  The problem with this is the expectation far exceeds what the manager has been trained to.

Taking the time to train employees to do what is necessary for their positions will ensure they can rise to the business owners expectations.

Employees that have been promoted and know that they do not have the training should make sure that the employer understands this and ask to develop a plan to get the education that they need.

There are many excellent books available on becoming an effective manager.  Education is available at our fingertips online.

If you are a struggling manager take the steps to self-educate.  This not only will help you, but it will show your employer that you really do want to do a great job.

The link below is just one of the many articles that can head you in the right direction.

How to be a successful office manager