Have You Mastered Self-Mastery?

I subscribe to Mind Tools it is a great site with a wealth of information on career excellence.  I recently came across an article on the site about Self-Mastery, which caught my eye.

What do you think about when you hear Self-Mastery?  I wasn’t real sure, but of course I knew it had to do with one’s self and what you do with yourself.   Self-mastery actually means you have accomplished the ability to control yourself in all situations.  Yes, you read this correctly.. all situations…that is not easy.

We may master in some, but in all?  Self-Mastery is essential in being able to reach your goals.  It begins with a vision of how you want your life to be.

Being able to control your attitude and emotions play a major role in self-mastery.  You also need to be able to focus and have the willpower to follow through in small and large tasks and goals.

As I read this article I realized that mastering ones self is a life long process, and not everyday will we be able to achieve every goal we have for ourselves.  I think we need to have the mindset that this is our ultimate achievement and take the daily steps toward it.

As for focus we need to focus on something positive everyday and be thankful that we are alive and can a positive impact on those we come in contact with.

Being thankful will set the tone for our day.  Ultimately, Self-mastery pushes us forward to take action to achieve what our vision is for the day, our week and our life.

“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.”

~Earl Nightingale

Mind Tools on Self-Mastery

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