Recently I heard a business owner say “I pay my employees very well, why aren’t they great employees?”

It is a known fact that you cannot make an employee a great one, just by paying them a great salary.  Jim Collins the author of the best seller Good to Great states that “Greatness is not a function of circumstance.  Greatness it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice.”  Each person chooses how they will do their job, either unsatisfactory, satisfactory, good or great, it is their choice.

One of the driving factors of whether a person becomes a great employee is if they are the right person for the job they have been hired to do.  Many times employers will hire someone without really taking the time to search for the right fit because they are desperate and need to have a warm body fill the spot so they don’t fall behind.  In the long run hiring the wrong person causes even a bigger set back and a more costly one.

Time spent looking for just the right person to fill a position is time well spent once you find them.  As a business owner you need to know exactly what the job position entails that you are offering and as a prospective candidate if you cannot get satisfactory details of the position then I would hesitate to take the job, as there is nothing worse than having to quit or be let go after a couple of weeks when it all could have been prevented in the first place by having a detailed job description presented.

The goal is to find the perfect fit and that fit also has to be a person who can work with your existing team and is excited about what they will be doing.

Last year we needed to hire a front office assistant, this would be a frontline staff member who our patients would come in contact with.  It was very important that we find someone with a great personality and the ability to handle people well.

After interviewing multiple experienced, well-qualified office assistants we ended up hiring someone just out of school with no experience at all. The reason we went with someone with no experience was because of the raving reviews her instructors gave about her.

Her teachers went on about her willingness to help others, stepping up and doing things without being asked and that she was the most friendly, warm and sincere student that they had seen in a long time.  They felt she had excellent work ethics even though she had never worked before.

During our many interviews with this candidate and our whole office, her genuineness and excitement to work with us shined through.  Her smile and laughter is the contagious kind and her work ethics have proven to be impeccable.  She is the right fit for our office and it was worth taking the time and several interviews with her in order for us to make sure she was the right one for our team.

“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.” ~ Jim Collins (author of Good to Great)