How Are Your Customers Treated?

Every business depends on customers of some type.  Without them they would no longer be in business.  It is highly important that business owners hire the right person to represent their company as these are the people who are going to be serving their customers in some capacity.

The other day a colleague and I went to do a presentation.  My colleague always brings candy to the attendees, so we stopped at the grocery store on our way to pick some up.  As we entered the candy aisle there were two shelf-stockers working away.  We both said hello to them and they looked at us like we were from outer space, yet they mumbled hello, we thought.  My colleague loves interacting with people so he asked these two stockers how their day was going and did they enjoy their job, etc… silence from both of them.

When we found the candy we wanted we both said “have a nice day” to these young workers and they replied “you are welcome.”  They didn’t even hear what we said nor did they look up to acknowledge us.  We both just shook our heads wondering what type of training these employees had that they weren’t taught to engage with customers.

Hiring employees like this can be devastating for a business.  The bad part for the business owner is that they usually do not find out that an employee is harming their business until it is too late and damage has already been done.

Below are five questions to ask yourself everyday to make sure that you are keeping the standards of service you give your customers high.

(Rate yourself 1-5 with 1 = poor, 2 = average, 3 = very good  and 5 = always/best)

1. I aways smile at customers even over the phone.

2. I am friendly all of the time, even in difficult situations.

3. I stay positive all of the time at work.

4. When I speak with customers they feel that they are important.

5. I do my job with pride, because I am proud of who I am.

The higher the score the better customer service you are giving.  Remember customers have feet that can take them to one of your competitors very quickly.

The link below is to a great article on how to attract customer and keep them and would make excellent material for a team meeting.

Strategies to Attract and Keep Customers

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