How Can You Be A Better Manager?

If you are a manager or looking to become one you may want to know what  you can do to be the best manager to those you manage.

Continuing education is the key to improving not only your skills but the skills of those you serve.  The better you are at being a manager the better your staff or team wants to do and they have you to look to as an example.

For many managers outside education is either not offered or not heard of.  I know of a person who is in a managerial position just because he moved up the ranks of his company but has never received any formal training on how to manage.

If you want to be a great manager there are many online courses, videos and thousands of books that you could read.  There is one in particular that I know will give your skills a super boost, it is titled “The Supermanager.”

I have mentioned this book before when I first read it, but just recently I developed a managers workshop around it that I did at a conference and it was great.  The book has a great storyline, 7 points to follow and can be read in a couple of hours.

Below is a short video we did about the workshop and tomorrow our blog will guest host, Greg Blencoe, the author of the book, who will share with us about “Good Management Practices.”

If you are interested in becoming a “Supermanager”, you will want to check this out.

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