I’m not sure if there are many employers or managers who really like looking for new employees.  I know we want to hire great people who will enhance our team, but the task of looking for the right person and actually finding them can be a daunting task.

Time spent looking for just the right person to fill a position is time well spent once you find them.  As a business owner, you need to know exactly what the job position entails that you are offering.  Do you have a job description and detailed job tasks available for potential candidates to review?

Nothing is worse than finding the right candidate and once they onboard you present them with a job description and tasks that were not discussed during the interview and your new employee is less than thrilled, so much that they gave notice.  The details of the job and the tasks involved are a very important part of the interview process to find the right person for the position.

The goal is to find the perfect fit and that fit also has to be a person who can work with you and your existing team and they are excited about their new job.

A colleague of mine, Jay Henderson, who owns Real Talent Hiring is a real expert on the topic of hiring and finding the right person for the job. (see the links below)

In Jay’s book, ‘The Ultimate Small Business Guide to Hiring Super-Stars” He states that when posting a job ad, it is okay to give the applicants a hoop or two to jump through.  You know some special directions that they need to follow when they apply.

For example, in your ad you can tell the applicant to put in the subject line, “I am the best person for your team.”  If they do not put this in the subject line do not even, consider wasting your time looking at their resume.  The point is if they cannot follow a simple direction from you now to apply for a job that they want, what makes you think they will follow directions after they are hired.

If you want to make hiring a bit easier and actually more exciting and be challenged to find the right person, by knowing what you need to know to hire the right person, I highly recommend Jay’s book.  As difficult of a process that interviewing and hiring new employees is, Jay has made this process much easier to pick the candidates worth interviewing and this saves a lot of time and headaches.

The Ultimate Small Business Guide to Hiring Super-Stars

Real Talent Hiring

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