How To Change Your Life

“Live out your imagination, not your history” ~ Stephen Covey

I mentioned early this week that I had the opportunity to speak at a conference last week in Florida. Not only was this a great experience for me as a presenter, but it was a wonderful experience for me as an individual to soak up what the other speakers were teaching.

Motivation comes from within, we can not motivate others and others cannot motivate us. What we can do is inspire others or be inspired by others and that is what I experienced with a few of the other speakers that I had the opportunity to listen to. They inspired me to move forward with goals that I have had on the back burner for a while.

If you sat down for 15 minutes and started writing all of the goals that you would like to reach just in the next year, 15 minutes might not be enough time to list them all, but just do it as it is a great spring-board.

As I have been pondering my own plan of attack on a few of my top goals, fellow blogger Stuart Young, author of the book “How to change your life one day at a time” and The Change Your Life Blog had a pretty simple solution to offer to help with this very thing.

He simply states that if there is something that you want to do or to solve just pose this question to yourself and your subconscious mind will begin the work to find solutions for you. The question is; “How do I…..(fill in the blank with what you want to do).” Take a few minutes to watch his video and hear it for yourself.

I decided to try it this morning on one of the top goals that I have for myself in the next six months and it has been pretty interesting to see what ideas have been popping up in my head throughout the day while I have been at work and I haven’t been thinking about my goal.

I have been writing them down as they pop up and I have to tell you I am pretty excited at the possibility of actually reaching this goal. The human mind is very powerful and its ability to be working on something subconsciously while we are busy doing other things is most amazing.

We all want the most that we can get from our life no matter what it may be. Look at imagineers, like Walt Disney and Napoleon Hill, they tapped into their subconscious mind for help to make their dreams comes true.

We have been given this wonderful gift “our mind” let’s put it to use and not waste a moment! The links below have articles that relate to how our subconscious mind works and have some interesting points on the subject.

Happy Friday to you all, lets move ahead!

Reaching Goals Using Your Subconscious Mind

Subconscious Mind

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