“What if, and I know this sounds kooky, we decided to communicate with the employees.”

Employers, supervisors and managers will often communicate with their staff members as they would with their friends, very casually.  This may not be the most effective way of communicating with those that you work with, as they need a more structured way of communication.

Your coworkers are people you work with to accomplish the goals that will make the organization more profitable and successful.  Management staff needs to know how to effectively communicate with their staff so they respond to their authority and commands to accomplish their job duties.

Not all people respond the same when asked to complete a job task, so how can you make the lines of communication clearer with each of your employees to get the tasks done?

When employees are hired it should be explained to them about their jobs tasks and how they will be addressed to do them. They need to know what the expectations are for their position and also the process of instructions that will be given to them.

Management must take the time to talk to each employee individually when they are hired letting them know how systems work and how they will be asked to do job tasks.

They also should be told how they will be approached when they have made a mistake and how that will be handled. They also need to know what the consequences are when repeated mistakes are made.

Problems arise when employers or managers do not know how to effectively communicate with those that work for them and with them.  Letting them know what to expect up front and how policies are handled will take care of this.

Effective communication with employees is like preventative maintenance on your car, you don’t wait until there is a problem; you take care of it before hand so you can avoid problems from happening.