Happy Wednesday to you all!  I have been blogging for 11 years now and it has been such a great adventure as I have met many of you.  Now I haven’t personally met you but many of us have become blogging friends and even connected through other social media platforms where we have shared pictures of our families and friends together. 

Last year I started a Facebook Group called “Women in Healthcare Keeping Healthy” (please check it out if you are interested Facebook Group Link).  I have since met several amazing women in various fields of Healthcare.  Today, I would like to share a post from one of my new friends from this group, Ginamaria Suarez, PharmD.  

Her article on dealing with Anxiety has information that we all can use in our everyday lives. I have posted Gina’s contact information down below for you.

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How to Release Anxiety and Stay Present

Often, we lose ourselves in thoughts that bring us anxiety. Usually, anxiety comes from thinking about future events. One great way of managing anxiety is focusing on the present moment.

While engaging in those anxiety-inducing thoughts, stop for a minute. Close your eyes and think:

  • What is it about X issue that’s causing me anxiety?
  • Is there something I can do right now to resolve it?

If your answer to the second question is yes, then take action right away, so you don’t waste another minute not being present and enjoying your life.

If instead, the answer is no, then why even worry so much about it now? Enjoy the present moment. It’s such a powerful way to stop wasting energy while at the same time bringing a spark of joy into your life by easing your mind.

As a way to stay present, add to that the act of being grateful. Look around and actively say what you are thankful for at that specific moment in time. That will be your now, and now is all you have. Be grateful for being able to breathe, for having a place to sleep, or for having money to fill your needs regardless if it’s not much. You can even be grateful for having the capacity to realize that there are some things that you may need to change and knowing that, if required, you can take action later.

Who knows what the future will hold? You only have the present moment to think about and to take action towards what needs to be done. Always stay present, stay grounded, connect with yourself, and don’t worry so much.

Think about a time you were feeling anxious about something else and how it ended up resolving itself, regardless of whether the outcome was the expected one or not. That problem eventually went away, just like everything in life.

If you continuously experience anxiety from a specific issue, you could take some time to journal about it and express your fears and worries in writing. Again, see if there’s immediate action to be taken. If not, create a plan on how you can resolve the issue and what steps you can take in the future to fix it, which can include seeking help. When you finish your action plan, take a few deep breaths, and enjoy a hot cup of tea or chocolate to infuse calming positive energy through self-care. Creating a resolution layout and writing about it helps release that worry. By planning, you know that there will be a resolution to the problem in the future. This way, you can more easily focus on your now.

Ginamaría Suárez, PharmD is a Pharmacist and a Certified Health Coach. As a Health Coach, she helps women that work in healthcare to effectively manage their stress, have a healthier diet, and create time to reconnect with themselves so they can start living a healthy and fulfilling life of purpose. To know more about her work and health coaching program, you can visit her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mintliferx or contact her directly through email [email protected].