If it is not fun, you’re wasting your life

“There is no reason that work has to be suffused with seriousness…Professionalism can be worn lightly.  Fun is a stimulant to people.  They enjoy their work more and work more productively.” ~ Herb Kelleher, CEO, Southwest Airlines

I am a firm believer that levity at work is one of most important ingredients necessary in creating an awesome work culture.  Customers and clients can tell the difference, when they walk into a place of business, whether the people who work there are having a good time and are happy or are they only there to a job and collect a paycheck.

Tom Peters, author of multiple Business Management Practices books is also a firm believer that the workplace needs to be fun and that you need to have the ability to take your job seriously and yourself lightly.

I came across this quote by Mr. Peters that made an impression on me:

“The number one premise of business is that it need not be boring or dull.  It ought to be fun.  If it is not fun, you’re wasting your life.”

Wow…If it is not fun, you are wasting your life. That is a pretty powerful statement.

It is not that our workplace be a circus, but they need to have an environment that people who work there and go there enjoy and can have some fun at.

In our office we love engaging with our patients on a personal level.  We care about their healthcare needs and getting them to smile or laugh can make a big difference in their progress.  We are always celebrating something with decorations and contests that they love participating in.  If they come to the office and nothing is going on, they wonder what’s up and ask when we are doing our next fun event.  They come in expecting to have a good time.

What type of things do you do at your place of work that is fun for those who work there and those you serve?

Tom Peters

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