Is Your Workplace Dysfunctional?

From gossip to backbiting and inconsistent workloads a dysfunctional workplace can mean nothing but trouble.  Problems for those who work there and those who obtain services there.  When things are on a dysfunctional spiral downward multiple symptoms begin to appear.

At first the symptoms may not be easy to pinpoint and Band-Aids are handed out for quick fixes.  As time goes on it becomes very apparent that there is no quick fix and serious help is needed.

Some of the symptoms are apathy, cynicism, absence of responsibility and integrity.  The office can become toxic place to be and employee health issues can arise.

What is very sad is that getting to the bottom of the problems may not be possible so getting out may be the answer.

The article below lists some dysfunctions that may be happening in your workplace, it may be time to make a diagnosis and find out what the right prescription would be.

Top 10 Workplace Dysfunctions

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