It Is All About The Words You Choose

The video below reminds me of a lecture that I attended a few years ago given by Jesus Vazquez, PMAC. The title of the lecture was called “Words, Words, Words.” What really spoke to me and the others in the audience was the fact that the words that we choose can make such a difference in what the outcome is from what we say.

For instance; “Good job Bill” which would make the employee feel good, but what if you said “That was a great job you did with the presentation today Bill, I think that everyone who attended got a lot out of it, from how you presented that we need to work as a team in order to move the business forward.” Which answer do you think would make Bill feel like he did a great job and that you had really paid attention.

What it comes down to it how we say what we say in order to get the best response, action or understanding. It is the words we choose that will make the difference. We can say “I love you” and that is nice to hear. But when we hear ” I love you because of all of the effort you put into making my life nicer, like..etc, etc.” I think you get the idea, it has so much more meaning.

Take a little time to think about how you say things and what words you could say that would make the message more meaningful, one that others would really get the point and understand the feeling behind the message by the words you choose.

It is all about the words….change your words, change the world.

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