It May Not Be What It Seems

“Sometime when things may seem like they are falling apart, they might actually be falling into place” ~Unknown

Today, maybe a difficult day for many of us, if not all of us.  We are all going through many changes and struggles.  They are all different, yet somewhat the same.

One of my good friends told me this about our current world situation, “We are all in this ocean of turmoil together, but our boats are very different.”

Some days when I talk to patients and clients and listen to their stories of concern and fear there is no way that I can tell them, “Just look to the things you can be grateful for.”

Although I practice this every day, I cannot discount what others are going through and feeling.  We are humans and we should be there to support each other, “while we are sailing on our own individual boats.”

What I personally have found to be extra hard this past year was not being able to give a hug or embrace to those who could use it.  I had to learn to give them “virtual hugs” and tell them how much I feel for their situation and that I will be thinking of them.

I don’t like to discuss politics, but the Governor of California does not use the term “Social Distancing”, he says that we must stay social and practice “Physical Distancing.”

I agree with this thought, we must stay social and be there in whatever capacity for our fellow human beings.

We need to hold to the thought that “things as crazy as they may be, are causing things to fall in place for each of us and our world.”

We can be grateful that we can still practice kindness. 🙂

Stay safe and take care…


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