Knowing Where You Are Headed

I have been working with a client for a few months now trying to figure out what direction to take his business and then how to accomplish it.  There have been some struggles in hiring the right people for certain positions in the business, but it appears that this has finally been accomplished.  Hiring the right employees can take a lot of time to do because hiring the wrong employees can be devastating for a business.

It seemed like a good plan had been set in place as to the direction we were headed, when the other day he said to me that he had been reading the book The One Thing by Gary Keller and thinks he has figured out what his “one thing” is.  If you have not read this book, I highly recommend it if you are looking for direction to achieve the goals you desire for your life.

He told me what his “one thing” was and I was very excited that he actually was able to get it down into words, as this is not an easy thing to do.  After we finished our call, I could not get his “one thing” out of my mind.  I kept thinking about what we had been working on over the past few months and the direction that we were taking.

Half way through the day, I realize that he would not be able to get his “one thing” if we continued with the program we had decided to pursue.  I called him up and we had a long discussion about his “one thing” and what we needed to do if he was going to be able to obtain this goal. With his “one thing” in mind we changed the course of action for his business.  We were both excited because putting his “one thing” in front of us we now had direction.

It is pretty amazing how things look so much different now, once his goal was defined and in words.

A lot of time we flounder because we kinda know where we kinda want to be headed, but we really do not have a definitive goal or plan laid out.

If you want extraordinary results in your life you need to define what that “one thing” is and then draw out your map to head towards it. Once you have reached that goal work on your next “one thing”.

Have a great day!!

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