Learning to Understand Your Motivation

How many times have you said to yourself, I would really like to do, or If only I could, then things would be different?

If you are like 99% of the world’s population you have said it at least a couple of times (and probably a whole lot more).  What is it that stops us from moving forward and completing our goals or desires?

That is sort of  a trick question I guess, because If I wanted to be an astronaut at this point in life, I probably am too old to qualify for the position.  But more often than not we never reach goals that we desire because we really lack the motivation to get us there.

How does motivation work?  What is the drive behind each one of us to that tipping point where we catapult forward and nothing stands in our way?

Stuart Young is the author of How to Change Your Life, a book that I recently purchased and am currently reading has a lot to say about this topic.  His book is very inspiring with practical applications to achieve your personal goals and change your life to what you really would like it to be.

Stuart states in order to understand your motivation for doing something you must first identify what your main benefit would be for achieving the outcome that you desire, or in other words, what do you get from it?

Secondly once you achieve your goal how will it make you feel?  Surprisingly it is the feeling that will get you there.

Do you get stuck when trying to making goals and then have hard time achieving them?  If so, you might want to check out what Stuart has to say.

Life it way too short to not accomplish things that we really would like to, especially when we can achieve them if we understand how.

Understanding Your Motivation

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