Happy Thursday to you all!  Last year when I was at the Disney Hotel to present at one of the largest Podiatric Medical Conferences in the U.S. ,  I shared with you some lessons from Walt Disney.  I thought it would be great to revisit a lesson or two again this year.  I hope you enjoy them.


If you are interested in learning the history of “Walt Disney” and the valuable lessons that he put into place, which continue to be vital to the Disney Corporation, the link below will take you to a list of books to pick from.

The lessons that I am going to share with you this week come from the book “Inside the Magic Kingdom.”

No matter what type of business you work in, you will have competition for customers, clients or patients.  The competition is anyone with whom the customer compares your business.  The key to winning customers to your business over others is “service.”

Lesson 2:  Understanding your competition.

  • How does your company’s service compare to the best service you have received from businesses you patronize?
  • Recall a situation where you were very impressed with the level of service you received.  How did it raise your expectations of other companies?
  • Who else might your customers compare your business with?
  • Do you know who your direct competitors are?
  • What do the answers to the above questions suggest about how you might change the way you do business?

Take the time to thoroughly evaluate the above questions and your answers.  Doing this as a team will give you many different points of view to begin seeking how you may change the way you serve your customers.  Knowing who and how your competitors serve their customers will give you an edge to begin with.  The key is your business needs to exceed the service that customers get from your competitors.

Disney Reference Books