When working in a close environment (even not so close), co-workers and management staff can lose touch of the heartbeat of the business.

With work demands and deadlines employees can get disconnected with what the true purpose of the business is.  An even more critical problem is that employees and management staff become disconnected with each other.

Things may go along smoothly for a short while, but left this way, it is sure to cause critical issues in the long run.

A great way to re-group and re-connect staff and management personnel, is to throw a “whine and cheese party.”  This can take place during a regularly scheduled office meeting or invitations can be sent out to everyone to come to a special event at the end of the day.

The idea is to serve cheese, crackers and soft drinks and allow everyone to “whine” about anything that they are having problems with, or may feel stress over.  Let everyone know that the management staff will just be listening (and possibly doing a little whining themselves) and then addressing the issues, if needed, at a later time.

This allows all involved to share their feelings, dislikes and issues freely without any critical feedback.  Set guidelines for the whining, such as a time limit and to whine about situations only, not people.  One person at a time can speak, share and then move on.

Management staff will be able to listen and take notes so that they can work on solving any issues that maybe aired.

These parties can especially be constructive and helpful if the staff have been going through changes or a tough project together.

Everyone likes that fact that the party was set up for the purpose of being able to “whine” with each other in a positive way, which can bond the team together.

Allowing set aside times for “whining” will decrease the whining that goes on behind the scenes and also be more constructive in getting answers for issues that exists and are brought up at the “whine and cheese parties.”

What ways has your work come up with that allow people to expresses their stress and frustrations at work in a positive way?