Losing Your Creativity

Creativity emerges from asking questions, from inquiring why certain procedures are followed, how things work or why they do not, and in general the “why” can’t it happen.

I remember decades ago when my first child was a baby and I was a stay-at-home mom, and I watched a friend’s little boy who was two at the time.

I was so amazed at how many times a day this little boy would ask “why?” or “how come?”

He wanted answers to his questions and would not give up until he was satisfied. The sad thing is as we grow up we tend to lose our curiosity and the hunger to ask “why?” or “how?”

When you ask probing questions it causes you to think and come up with answers or ideas. New thoughts and ideas are exciting because we are using our creative minds.

I keep a small notebook with me and also in my night stand and whenever I have a creative thought I write it down quickly, as they can go as quickly as they come.

Sometimes when I face a problem I will write down the question “How can I ……?  It is amazing that throughout the day answers or ideas will come to me about the question I jotted down.

It is good to set time aside for creative thinking. Take a pad of paper and sit in your favorite chair alone and brainstorm on whatever topic you want. I like to do this when I am thinking of posts to write for my blog. I put down any thought that comes to mind and then sift through them a day or two later and pick out any pearls that I like.

Establish a time and place for yourself to be creative, let the child in you lead the way. You never know what you will come up with and what an artist you have inside.

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