Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak at a virtual seminar on Customer Care Opportunities, or in my case Patient Care Opportunities.

My point was to let the attendees know that they have care opportunities all day long with the people with whom they serve, their patients. These are the same opportunities anyone has when they encounter their clients or customers. I call them C.A.R.E. opportunities.

C. = Be Creative

A. = Be Appreciative

R. = Be Real

E. = Be Enthusiastic

If we all think about our encounters with patients, clients or customers are stories for them to tell about how their encounter was. Was it nice? Was it nothing to tell about? Was it something that they would say something bad about?

We have these three options when we engage with our customers, to make the experience really nice, (something they would remember and tell others about), an experience that was not good or bad, it just happened, or it was bad and they will remember and tell others about.

No matter what you choose to happen it is a story for them to tell to others, the question you must ask yourself is, “What stories are you telling?”

People can choose who they go to for their services, if you want them to come to your business, then make it a memorable experience, because this is what people want. Right? Don’t you want a great experience when you go to a doctor, bakery, restaurant, grocery store, etc?

My challenge to you is to make great stories for your customers to tell today!

Happy Thursday to you all.