Make Happy Happen

Last week I stopped by our local pet store to pick up a few things for my Boston Terriers.  As I was walking up to the register one of the clerks was coming up to help me and he said to his coworker, “Boy, I sure do like working with you.”

I told him that it was great that he had a coworker that he enjoyed working with and he told me that his new coworker was the store lead and he was just great.  I asked him what made him so great.  He said that he liked to make work fun even when it was just hard work.  He said that he tells fun stories, talks about how great they work together trying to make their store look amazing to customers and he said that he always is happy and smiling.

Wow… that is a great coworker I told him.  He said the days fly by and even when there is a problem his new store lead has a positive way to handle the customer’s problems and turns them around to customers who are satisfied.

He has learned a lot since his new store lead started working there and he liked his job before but now he really likes it and has a different attitude about making each day great.  He told me not only does his job pay his bills, but he is happy while he is there and it doesn’t get much better than that!

When I left the store I thought it really doesn’t get much better than that… but how many people out there do not get this type of experience at work?  I know way too many myself.  Then I asked myself, “Is it that hard to make a great work environment?”  I don’t think so, it just takes the attitude to make it happen and why wouldn’t you want to do that?

Yep…it is not that hard..just think of ways to make “happy happen” and do it and see what happens.

Be well,


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