Make Life Easier For Yourself

On Saturday Paul Mark Sutherland had a great post on success rituals that I found was simple and doable.

For those who function by planning, having rituals is no great revelation.  What I found that was so eye-opening is the graphic that is used allows you see how simple “rituals” that can make everyday life easier.

A few months back I posted similar thoughts on using time wisely and how the simple step of writing down the night before the top few things you want to accomplish the next day will increase your chances of success.

So often we make our lives more complicated than they really need to be.  Once life becomes complicated we have a hard time seeing how to simplify it.  We become overwhelmed and survival mode kicks in, which makes daily structure even more difficult.

In order to have a great tomorrow there are a things that we need to set in place today.  We only have 24 hours in a day, why waste some of these precious hours on being disorganized and not having some sort of routine or ritual in place that can give us those hours back to enjoy and be more productive?

Goal Habits

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