Making Time To Think


Putting off thinking about projects, deadlines or commitments can be very draining to your mind and cause you to become unproductive in other areas.  The reason for this is that your subconscious mind knows those things are there and not being dealt with yet.

Take a few minutes during your most productive time of the day and give each item some thought.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of time.  By thinking about them you are easing your mind that they are going to be taken care of.

People who are list makers have found that if they review the top things that they want to accomplish the next day, the night before, they are more likely to complete them.

By periodically reviewing your projects, maybe daily or weekly, you will be figuring out in your mind how to complete them or what the next step will be.  When it comes time to actually do the task a lot of the thinking process that it will take to complete it has already been done.

Becoming more disciplined and structured in your thinking time will cause you to become more productive and inspired to think about possibilities that you did not think you would ever have time for.

Time to put on your thinking cap and get going!

For more information on thinking smarter you might want to take a look at David Allen, author of “Ready for Anything” website.

David Allen

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