Managers Grow Your Teammates

One of the biggest issues that managers face is the lack of time to complete all of the tasks that are required of them.  One of the hardest things for a manager to do is to delegate some of their jobs tasks to other team members.

Why do you think that delegating some of their tasks is such a hard thing to do?  Delegation does take time, effort, planning and possibly training.  More times than not, it is because it would take more time to plan, pick and train than for the manager to do the job themselves and that is a trap.

Here are a few other reasons that managers do not delegate more;

1. They do not trust that their team members can do the job as well as they can.

2. By having more on their (the manager’s) plate that no one else can handle, it makes them look needed and important.

3. They are afraid that their teammates may do a better job than they do if given the chance at the task.

4. They feel like they may lose control if they give up some of their job tasks.

When managers allow their team members to contribute to the production of the office or workplace the team members grow in their position and connection with the workplace as a whole.

Learning to delegate allows others to step up and show what they can do at work.  It allows team players to move ahead and possibly get promotions.  How good does that look for a manager who has invested in an employee so that they can move up the ladder?

Titles may change and functions may be altered through the process of delegating to employees.  But there is nothing like the all important role of a manager who can guide, grow and inspire their teammates.

Delegating does not mean giving up power, it means sharing power.  It does not mean that you, the manager, relinquish responsibility, instead you are creating an atmosphere in which all team members are excited about their jobs as you are.  Do you think any business owner would be unhappy with a manager who performs this way?

“The most important measure of how good a game I played was how much better I made my teammates play” ~ Bill Russell, Boston Celtics Hall of Fame Center

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