Many times business owners will become upset because the “manager” has not been able to manage their people as had been expected.

Far too often the business owner fails to understand the manager does not manage people, they manage processes and systems for doing the tasks that need to be done by the people.

The real problem may be there are no systems in place or very poor systems in place.

Systems are not just a list of steps of things to do.  A system is well-thought out repeated course of action – a way of doing something that brings about a result.

When good systems are in place they are a way to increase the potential of creating a successful business.

What the business owner must never forget is that it is their people who are behind the systems.  It is the people who make the difference in how the systems are executed.

If the employees see the systems as successful processes to complete their tasks and to satisfy the customers, they begin to think a bit differently about what they are doing.

Upon seeing that their efforts are producing “happy customers” most employees will naturally look for ways to exceed the expectations in their delivery of service.

If your business is struggling, first look at your systems.  Are they set up to create success by their delivery?  If not, you may need to stop and learn how to create systems in the business that will do this.

The two articles below will give you a start on how to create successful systems.

Building Systems

How to Create Systems that Enable Growth