Do you want to be a manager that your employer and staff members look up?  Then you need to be a manager who “tracks performance closely.”

By “tracks performance closely” I am not referring to micromanaging. Successful managers do not need to micromanage.

When a manager knows what their staff members are doing and what they have to do they are on top of their game.  Knowledge is power.  When a manager knows what each of their staff members is working on and has to complete they will be able to help them with work flow issues so that they can increase their productivity.

Managers will also be able to assess whether each employee is capable of doing their job tasks or not.

Ideally managers want to set each employee up to be successful.  How can this be done if they have no idea what their employees are doing or what it takes to get their job done?

The less managers know about their employees day-to-day job tasks the more out of touch they will be with them.  The more out of touch they are, the less they will accomplish overall and ultimately the manager loses their reputation and credibility.

When managers are involved and take the time to find out what their employees are doing each day they are able to adhere to these key points that make their job easier and the company they work for more successful.

By being an involved manager you will be able to;

1.  Provide direction and training to each of your team members because you notice where they need help, because you are involved with your employees.

2. You will be able to identify any tools or resources that your employees may need to be able to complete their job tasks easier and quicker.

3.  You will be able to keep employee conflict under control because you are involved and present.

4 You will be able to evaluate productivity, expectations and overall performance, which will allow for better employee evaluations.

5. You will be able to see problems as they come up, help correct them and prevent them from happening in the future.

6. You will be able to help your employees do the best job that they can.  By being more involved you show them their self-worth, and value to you and the company.  This will keep your employees happy and they will want to stay employed with the company.

Managers that set their employees up for success are managers that become very successful and valuable to their company also.

Managers need to remember that “knowledge is power” and whatever power you have use it for the good of the business and the employees that you oversee.