“It’s amazing how much people can get done if they do not worry about who gets the credit” ~ Sandra Swinney

Successful managers/employers have learned the value of teamwork. They know how to keep their team inspired to do their best work. They take the “all for one and one for all” approach, which keeps the momentum of the team moving forward.

Team leaders, whether they are managers or employers, keep one main thought out front: it is all about the team as a whole.  They have four main standards of practice that they uphold to ensure the success of their team.

1. Their main focus is the team.  They will not allow solo players nor will they allow any player to drag the team down.  They understand that having either of these two types of players on their team will eventually take its toll and the team will lose its momentum.

2. They make sure that all team members know and understand company policies.  Team members know their boundaries in regards to their position and know the consequences for stepping outside of the line.  There are no surprise rules; they know what is expected when it comes to protocols and policies.

3. These team leaders know how to delegate appropriately.  Each team member has to carry their weight.  They also make sure all team members know how their position affects the rest of the team.

4. They create systems for checks and balances throughout the workplace and make sure that each team member understands them and how they work. They set their team up for success, not failure.

Ultimately, these managers/employers create an environment where every player is equally important.  Their goal is to collectively do the best job, give the best service, and create the best workplace together.  By doing this they are all winners and that is what matters most to these managers/employers.