As a manager it is important to know when to take the reins and when to step aside when working with your team.

If your management style is you always needing to take the reins and control which way the team is heading, you might find yourself with continual employee turnover.

The cost of replacing a trained employee is at minimum, one year of that employee’s salary.  Ouch! That can really hurt a business’s bottom line if it is an occurrence that happens frequently.

Management staff should always be on the lookout for where they can step aside and let team members step up in an area which they exhibit strength.

People grow when they are given the chance to lead when working with their teammates.  Giving team members the opportunity to step up also motivates them to want to do more because they feel that they have value to the business.

As team members are given these opportunities, they may make mistakes, and that is okay because they will learn even more.  Mistakes are also humbling and keep us in check.

Managers, keep your eyes and ears open as your staff members take over tasks.  Make your focus on developing them into the company’s next generation of managers and leaders.

There is nothing more satisfying than having the privilege to lead others into these positions in the company.  Your staff will forever see you as a leader in their life by the way you lead them.

Watch your step and make room for the next generation of leaders behind you.

Raising the Next Generation of Leaders