In my consulting practice I have the pleasure to mentor managers. The goal is to increase their strengths, understand their weakness and maximize their overall potential as a manager.

There are three key areas that a manager needs to diligently work on if they truly wish to maximize their potential as a manager in the workplace.


  1. Learn all that you can about what you are expected to deliver. Find out everything about the company you work for. What are their target expectations of you in your position? Do you have the skills to perform what is expected? If not, how will you get them? Then get them. Keep communication open with your superiors at all times.


  1. Surround yourself with people who will influence you in the right direction. Network with other managers or supervisors that are successful and respected. Soak up their knowledge like a sponge. Find someone who is willing to mentor you or at least allow you to glean from his or her knowledge when you have questions.


  1. Put your skills to work. Know that you will make mistakes and you must be willing to admit them. Let those who you are managing know that you are open to their ideas and help. Realize that you will always need to be learning, growing and becoming more flexible if you want to be a great manager.


“No great manager or leader ever fell from heaven, its learned not inherited.”

~ Tom Northrup