My Manager Needs to…

When I lecture at conferences I have the opportunity to speak with medical staff personnel.  The most popular topic that comes up is problems with their office manager or department supervisor.

It is hard for me to believe that so many managers and supervisors are failing at their position and not meeting their staff’s expectations.

Here are a few of the reasons the are unhappy with their managers:

  • They need to be more appreciative of my work.
  • They need to give me some of their time and attention.
  • They need to care more about me as a person.
  • They need to not show favoritism.
  • They need to not be so bossy.
  • They need to spell out what is expected of me.
  • They need to delegate work fairly.
  • They need to communicate more with me.
  • They need to be more organized.
  • They need to make the workplace environment happy.
  • They need to understand my personal life issues.
  • They need to take me to lunch once in awhile.

It is interesting to find out what these staff members actual expectations are of their managers.  I am sure my mouth has dropped open when I have heard a few of them.

Even though each of these items is important to the staff member, it would take a super person to meet all of them everyday.

When I hear the “poor manager” complaint I will ask if they have ever expressed their dissatisfaction with their manager.  For many employees it is hard to tell their manager where they think they are falling short of their managerial status.

It helps in some situations when an employee sees that their manager is failing in an area, for them to show the action to their manager, such as in the case of “lack of appreciation.”  The employee can begin to show their manager appreciation for what they do.  If done enough times appropriately the manager will certainly notice and hopefully catch on.

When you focus on being proactive and doing something positive about a negative situation you are working on a solution.  You feel better because your attitude has changed and the possibility of resolving the issue becomes easier.

The next time you think your managers needs to… stop and think if there is something you can do in a positive way to help change it.

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