Not Reaching Your Goals?


Why at times does it seem impossible to achieve the goals we really want?  If we really want them, then we should not be lacking motivation, so what is it?  I can only speak for myself, and I would have to say my biggest mountain to climb in reaching desired goals is time.


At times, there is just not enough time.  When this happens, I need to look at my priorities.  Am I putting the right things first?  Or am I investing more time in projects that will not take me to my goals?

Whatever the reason may be, by taking a good look at the situation and evaluating what you should be doing versus what you actually are doing, will give you a clearer picture.   You will be able to see where you are at, why and what necessary changes you need to make.

Life is about choices and for the most part we do get to choose.  Evaluate, make a plan, take the right steps and see where it takes you.  Remember, you can always re-evaluate and make a new plan.  You are the pilot.

“Any goal worth achieving involves an element of risk.” ~ Dean Karnazes

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