Organization for Better Productivity

Do you need to get your office,  work space, or (fill in the blank) organized so that you can work more efficiently? This  is not something that you do once and it is done, no it seems to be a tough issue, taking a lot of effort.

Getting organized and staying organized is an ongoing evolving process.  Not only must you maintain your systems, but you must be prepared to change them as circumstances and situations change.  Since organization applies to multiple areas of our lives we need to understand how we can cultivate it.

First you need to understand what organization is.  Organization (the theory) really begins in your mind, you need to be able to think about what being organized (in whatever area you are working on) would look like to you.  You need to be able to really see it.

For example, your office is a mess, papers, books and junk all over the place, now think what it would look like to you if it were organized.  Some people need to draw it out or cut out pictures of organized offices or living space so that they can really see what they are thinking and then duplicate it.

Once it is in your mind and you have been thinking about what it would look like, you start to get excited about making it happen, this is when it moves from you mind to your heart and you become inspired.

Now comes the hard part, but it is exciting, from your heart it needs to move to your hands and body to take action, the physical act of getting it done.  Going through this process allows you to know what it takes to get organized and you must know it in order to make the commitment to doing it.  Then it is time to do it.

People respond to their environment.  How you organize your workspace influences how you work, how fast you work, your work routine and how you feel when you are in your workspace.  Without a doubt organizing your workspace will increase your productivity.

The goal is to create a space that is efficient, comfortable and personal.  It is possible to create a workspace that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective. Here are a couple of workspace tips to get you started.

1. If your desk is your primary work area, it should be organized to the point that you feel good about what is in front of you so that you are ready to move the work though.

2. Minimize the number of things around you, keep out just what you use on a regular basis, no more, as this becomes clutter.

Create a system that truly accommodates and facilitate the flow of paper that comes across your desk.  Two simple rules of handling paper are; 1. toss what you don’t need.  2. Act on all paper as soon as it hits your desk, keep it, delegate it, or file it.

For more workspace tips follow the link below and enjoy the journey to becoming more organized.

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