Paying Attention To Details


Walt Disney believed that every detail of each project he did was important.  It is the details that catch the interest of customers.

There is a mural outside of the Castle at Disney World illustrating scenes from Cinderella.  The details are simply amazing and most guests never see all of them, because there are so many.

In one of the scenes there is a picture of Cinderella’s step-sisters, which most people do see, but they do not notice that the step-sister who was “green with envy” has light green blush on her cheeks and the other step-sister who was “red with rage” has red cheeks.

It is little details like this that make a trip to Disney so amazingly wonderful. Ask yourself: Is Disney-like attention to detail part of your company’s culture?

Lesson 1: Pay fantastic attention to detail.

  • What details get in the way of your company being easy to do business with?
  • What details could be improved to keep your customers coming back?
  • Ask your customers what details they like or do not like when they use a business like yours.
  • What unexpected details could you add to your business to attract customers?

Put together a group of your own “Imagineers” and see what new details you can come up with to “Wow” your customers so they will want to keep coming back.

If you knew that increased attention to some detail would improve customer loyalty, how much more attention would you be willing to give it?”

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