If you have been in a management position at any time in your employment life, I am sure you will agree that it is a position not for the “faint of heart.” I have managed a medical practice for over 23-years now and the challenges along with the victories have been many.

It took me years to realize that I didn’t need to know everything and that I needed a great team of people who were dedicated to their job and to the practice to get everything done. There were far too many years that I spent nights and weekends working while everyone else, including the doctor, had their time off. But, I wanted to be a great manager and I thought that is what it took.

Boy, was I wrong and at the expense of my own happiness and health. When I began coaching and teaching others the one thing I wanted to get across is that being a manager did not mean you had to do everything, it meant that you managed to get everything done through the team that you worked with.

At the end of this month, I will begin a new three-month virtual coaching program to teach others who manage medical practices to “manage through others” and how to do it by bringing their team together.

Managers can be overwhelmed with the amount of work and responsibility they have on them. This causes additional work stress, which affects their state of mind, and their performance is a reflection of their state of mind. If they are constantly behind and stressed then that is what they will project to others and eventually burnout.

If you manage a medical practice and are ready to change your mindset and become more successful at what you do,(and get your nights and weekends back) then click the link below for more information.

Stay safe and happy Tuesday!