Put A Little Thought Into Tomorrow?

Each evening I like to take a moment to think about what tomorrow will bring.  I found by doing this I can be a bit more prepared for what is to come and can plan out things that I must accomplish versus the things I would like to do.

There are those who just like to see what each day will bring, live life in the moment never planning or thinking ahead.  I have found that planning ahead works to get the things I want accomplished.

My children make fun of me think they have the only mom who plans what we are having for Christmas dinner in July.  That may be true, but I am flexible, and have slowly learned to go with the flow when necessary. Yet I always have plan “B” ready in my pocket to pull out and implement.

If you could do one thing tomorrow at work or home, that would make the day a better one for you and those you are going to be with what would it be?

Think about it, possibly write it down and then in the morning try to have that thought be one of your first.  It is pretty amazing how we can make a difference for our tomorrows by just giving some thought about it today.

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