Putting People In their Place

Why is it that so often when someone does something that we do not like or agree with we think that we should correct them?  Do we really know all of the “correct” answers and think others should think or do what we say?  Maybe we should take Jay’s advice and put ourselves in their place first before we open our mouth or take any action.  Sounds like pretty wise advice to me, right?

Jay Shetty has developed deep wisdom which he shares on how to live and behave.  I have learned many valuable lessons from his teachings lately.  If you haven’t had the chance to listen to him I highly recommend you visit his website and check out a few of his videos online.

I think people are hungry for the words he shares as he has over 16 million followers on Facebook!

Today, let’s strive to develop the mindset to listen and understand others first before we pass judgment.


Keep moving forward,


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