“How you rebound from a setback speaks volumes about who you are.” ~ Unknown

Setbacks are just part of life. They come in all sizes and varying levels of impact. It is important when we encounter small setbacks to get ourselves on the road to recovery quickly.

There are three key steps to get the process of recovery headed in the right direction;

1. Express how you feel: You need to be able to express, at least to yourself, how you feel about the setback. You can do this verbally or by writing it down. I like self-talk. This allows you to speak your mind as much as you want about how you feel. Usually, the more you talk to yourself about the setback the better you get at expressing what you really feel and are able to get to the core of the hurt or disappointment.

2. What positive steps can I take: Where do you go from here? Each day find a positive step that you can take to move yourself ahead. Do not look back, only look forward.

3.What can you learn: Did the setback enlighten you in some way? What was the lesson learned from the experience? This will also develop more the further out from the setback that you get. Reflection is always good after a setback.

Setbacks are bound to happen. If you are not experiencing one now, don’t worry you will be some day and probably soon.

Just remember when it does happen, don’t just sit on the bench, get back out into the game as soon as possible.

Move forward, don’t look back. What is it that you want to accomplish? Get it in your mind and then do it!